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Advanced Solid-state Seminconductor Lab focus on the development of single-crystalline ultrathin semiconductor materials, including 2D materials (graphene, hBN and TMDCs), and free-standing III-V nitrides,  III-VI oxide membranes. We aim to develop the platform for heterointegration of dissimilar thin film semiconductors, in order to achieve the multi-functionalities required in the emerging applications such as in internet of things, artificial intelligent, human-machine interfacing. 


Westlake Center for Micro/Nano Fabrication is equipped with advanced micro/nano fabrication facilities and operated by a group of experienced engineers. The center houses Suss mask aligner, Raith e-beam lithography (EBL) system, Samco ICP etching system, deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) system, ULVAC thin film deposition system, etc. The equipment endows fabrication capabilities for silicon and organic micro/nano devices that can fulfill the requirements from physics, chemistry, electronics, photonics, biomedicine, materials science to multidiscipline. Besides the traditional fabrication tools mentioned above, the center owns focused helium ion nanofabrication, femtolaser writing and laser direct writing tools.

With the future expansion of the center at Yungu campus of Westlake University, it will fully expand its electronics research capabilities by merging ion implanter, stepper scanner, materials growth and device fabrication tools for III-V and II-VI semiconductors, and its structure characterization to sub-nanometer resolution for 3D nano complex.

Initiated by the School of Science, the Instrumentation and Service Center for Physical Sciences (ISCPS) hosts state-of-the-art facilities not only to meet routine analysis needs, but also to collaborate with our faculty and researchers in developing novel instrumental technologies or methodologies that address problems emerging from dynamic, cutting-edge research. ISCPS has currently installed a series of instruments covering X-ray diffraction, surface physics analysis, cryogenic measurement, electron microscopy and physical property characterization, which together provide strong support for the development of Westlake University.

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